FAQ about Kobo

FAQs about Kobo


*Why would a bookstore dedicated to encouraging people to love books want to sell ereaders and ebooks?

We want our customers to love books -- in all their formats. While most of us who work at and frequent From My Shelf (and other great brick-and-mortar bookstores) usually prefer paper-and-ink books, we understand that many readers are adding ebooks to their reading repetoire. Just as we offer new and used books, print books as well as audio books, we are happy to bring digital books to our customers as one more way to enjoy reading. We believe that partnering with Kobo -- a company that began within a BOOK company, with the motto "Read Freely" -- is a great match for our customers.


*Which models of Kobo devices will you sell?

As of holiday season 2012, From My Shelf, along with hundreds of other indie bookstores, began selling 2 of the 7 devices in the Kobo family of ereaders -- the Kobo Mini and the Kobo Glo. We have followed that with the Kobo Arc and the Kobo Aura, phasing the Kobo Mini out. For a full list of specs on these devices, check them out at the main Kobo website, or ask us to give you a demo at From My Shelf! 


**Please note, if you'd like to support From My Shelf, please set up your Kobo account using links through the FMS website, or by using a device purchased at our store! Thanks!!


*What about the Google eBooks I already purchased through your website?

You will continue to be able to access them via your Google account. However, the IndieBound Reader app was designed specifically to interface with Google eBooks and will no longer be supported after January 2013. If desired, you can load your Google eBooks to a new Kobo device using Adobe Digital Editions. Check out this video "Transferring books on Google Play to Kobo Readers", produced by Google, for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.





PLEASE don't hesitate to call, email, or stop in to ask us any questions you may have! We are happy to help you!


Kobo also offers excellent customer support:

You can go to http://kobo.frontlinesvc.com/app/ask_NA  and enter your question or concern. Someone from Kobo will get back to you promptly.

You can also call Kasey here at From My Shelf, or better -- come in -- and we'll call the bookstore hotline at Kobo to get things worked out right away!