Galeton & Wellsboro Teen Book Clubs

Wellsboro's teen book club at From My Shelf is on temporary hiatus until January 2017. Please check facebook with Jen Colson and the Galeton Library for more info. about the Galeton book club! Thanks!


Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?  The hormones, the stress, the uncertainty? You probably do. It wasn’t that long ago. Or, maybe it was, but some things never change. I grew up in small town America, in the rural area surrounding Wellsboro. There weren’t a lot of opportunities, especially for adolescents. I loved to read, and we had a good library for a small town. Reading opened a world. It allowed me to learn about and observe cultures that I didn’t get to see otherwise. 

I love books so much that I opened a bookstore in my hometown--the type of bookstore that I wish was there when I was growing up. Even in this wired age, I think there should a real place where youth can gather to hang out and talk about issues that they think no one will understand. There is a real need for a teenage book club--a club where it’s safe for teens to be who they are, to discuss a book, their love for reading, their excitement about stories, and not worry about being picked on, or ignored. 

I believe reading as a teen leads to success, and so, I’m starting a teen book club at From My Shelf Books in Wellsboro. It’s modeled after the teen book club hosted by the Galeton Library, which we have supported, though it too is in need of funding. My goal, with your help, is to start this club for Wellsboro, and keep the Galeton club burning bright. 


--Kevin Coolidge, owner of From My Shelf


teen book club


Your contributions will help rural teens gain the advantage of increased vocabulary and expanded horizons. Money will go towards the purchase of books, and refreshments, for both the Galeton and Wellsboro clubs. The goal of this campaign is to fully fund the clubs from March 2014 to March of 2015. 

In Wellsboro, we've been using the model of the existing Galeton teen book club, with help from the founder, and feel that will help with the success of this club. We’re dedicated to this, and all funds we receive will go towards this project. More funding means we’ll be able to make a bigger impact. Many teens and young adults in this area simply can't afford their own books, period, and many times the school libraries do not have enough books, either. Funding for the teen book club means we can give the participants either free or greatly reduced priced books. More teens, more books, but every teen reached is an investment in our community and our country. 

You may not be able to contribute and that’s ok. It’s a tough economy, or you might be in a rough place. It’d be a big help if you can help us spread the word. As the owner of the bookstore, I want to offer something for everyone who makes a donation of $50 or more  -- a free membership. We have a membership at From My Shelf, a $25 value, which will get you 20% off new softcovers, or 25% off new hard covers, the opportunity to trade books for credit, and more. It’s my way of saying thanks. Knowledge is power--the power to make a real difference. So help us spread the word about the Wellsboro & Galeton Teen Book Clubs and invest in the future…

Stop in or call to make a donation. Thanks so much!



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